Current Projects

Bituminous Rehabilitation PTH 5 - Gilbert Plains

MI 6931 - Construction of bituminous pavement, granular base course shoulders and replacement of culverts on Provincial Trunk Highway 5 in the Municipality of Gilbert Plains.  Total construction distance of the project is 12.98 km. 

Bituminous Rehab & Intersection Improvements PR 392/PTH 39 - Snow Lake

MI 6934: Construction of intersection improvements at 3 locations on Provincial Road 392.  Located within the boundary of the Town of Snow Lake, the improvements will take place at Berry Bay access, Provincial Road 395 junction, and Lakeshore Drive.  The work includes bypass lanes, culvert extensions, solid rock excavation, embankment using solid rock, composite, crushed rock, granular base course and bituminous paving.

Grading (includes base) PR 280

MI 6848: Composite and sold rock excavation, drainage improvements, granular fill, crushed rock and granular base course on PR 280, from 53.0km east of PR 391 to 73.0km east of PR 391, for a total construction distance of approximately 20.0km in Unorganized Territory.

PTH 5A West Service Road

MI 6884:  Construction of granular fill embankment, granular base course, and bituminous pavement on a new alignment adjacent to Provincial Trunk Highway 5A from Municipal Road 144N (Triangle Road) to 0.4km North for a total construction distance of 430m in the City of Dauphin.

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