Past Projects

We are involved in a number of different aspects of the Construction Industry. Here’s a look at some of our Past Projects!

Culvert Replacement

Manitoba Infrastructure

Removal of arch corrugated metal pipes and installation of pre-cast concrete culverts including frost taper construction and bituminous patching on PTH 20, approximately 1.9km east of the PTH 20A  Junction in the Rural Municipality of Dauphin. 

Grading (Frost Tapers)

Manitoba Infrastructure – Construction of frost taper, including granular base course and bituminous patching, and the removal and installation of through-grade culverts on PTH 20, prof Highway 5 to PR 271, in the Municipalities of Lakeshore, Dauphin, Mossey River, and Mountain.

Micro-Surfacing Treatment

Manitoba Infrastructure This contract is awarded to Nelson River Construction and we are working as a Sub-Contractor. Supply of Micro-Surface Aggregate Type III

Aline Drive Renewal

Municipality of McCreary Renewal of approximately 0.588km of Aline Drive within the urban area of the Municipality of McCreary.


Manitoba Infrastructure Construction of a crushed rock embankment with a traffic gravel surface and culvert replacements in various locations of Provincial Road 481, from Provincial Road 362 easterly to Provincial Road 276 for a total construction distance of approximately 16.0km in the Municipality of Lakeshore.  

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