Past Projects

We are involved in a number of different aspects of the Construction Industry. Here’s a look at some of our Past Projects!

Gravel Road Restoration PR 416

MI X02519:  This project aims to restore Provincial Road 416 to pre-floor conditions.  The work involves the application of crushed rock, and includes spot grade improvements and slope armouring.  The total construction distance spans approximately 2.9 km, North of PR 415, in the Municipality of Armstrong.

Bituminous Reconstruction & Rehabilitation PTH 10 & PR 366

MI 6922:  Reconstruction of Provincial Trunk Highway 10, and rehabilitation of Provincial Road 366, in the Town of Swan River, the Municipality of Swan Valley West and the Municipality of Minitonas-Bowsman. The total construction distance of this project is approximately 4.8km on PTH 10 and 7.8km on PR 366,  proceeding 0.8 km East of the Junction of PR 488 to 1.2km East of the Junction of PTH 10A, East of Swan River.  This project entails the reconstruction of bituminous pavement, granular base course shoulders, and intersection improvements. Reconstruction of exisiting divided highway includes waste excavation, granular fill, granular base course, concrete medians and culvert replacements.  Rehabilitation of PR 366 includes the construction of bituminous pavement overlay and granular base course shoulders.



Shoofly Detour Construction PTH 6

MI 6410:  The construction of two Shoofly detours on Provincial Trunk Highway 6. 

Construction of the detour at North Two Rivers involves work with granular fill and granular base course.  This location is approximately 16.1 km north of Devils Lake (or 76.9km south of Grand Rapids), in the Electorial District of Interlake.  Construction of the detour at North Morrison Creek includes culvert installations as well as granular fill and granular base.  This location is approximately 11.9km south of Grand Rapids, in the Local Government District of Mystery Lake.

Gravel Road Restoration PR 415

MI 6916: To restore Provincial Road 415 to pre-floor conditions the installation of a corrugated steel culvert and application of crushed rock is required.  The work also includes elevation improvements, surface widening, and slope armouring.  The total construction distance of this project is approximately 5.8km, from 7.3km east of PR 518 to PR 416, in the Municipalities of Armstrong and St. Laurent.

Road Restoration PTH 10 (Shoulders)

MI 6905:  Construction of Traffic Gravel shoulders on Provincial Trunk Highway 10, from 11.2km north of Provincial Trunk Highway 5 to Provincial Road 274 for a total construction distance of approximately 29.8km in the Municipalities of Gilbert Plains and Ethelbert.


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